Contractor lays Smooth Surface asphalt across Highway 115 West onto Phase one Appalachian Parkway. Motorist should show down because of raised asphalt causes a bump in the roadway.

(Cleveland). –Sunbelt Structures has begun  paving the new section of Highway 115 at Appalachian Parkway/Cleveland Bypass/Hwy 11, west of Cleveland.   This smooth top layer of asphalt will take about a week to complete, weather permitting. Once it is paved and striped traffic will be shifted onto the new section of Highway 115.

The Paving Crew is then scheduled to move to Appalachian Parkway/Hwy 11 and begin laying the top layer of asphalt on that roadway.  Brent Cook, Georgia DOT District Engineer serving White County said,   “We are working with Sunbelt Structures to open Appalachian Parkway as soon as possible. Weather will be crucial as the topping goes down. This layer of asphalt is only about 1½ inches thick and needs to go down in warm, dry weather to get the best quality ride. As soon as a target opening date is set for the Parkway, we will let you know. Thank you for your patience through construction. ”  

The new traffic signal at the new intersection of Highway 115 and Appalachian Parkway/Hwy 11 will become operational as the Parkway opens to traffic. 

This is  phase one of the parkway, which is a 1.97 mile long project. Phase two of the parkway is well underway and extends the road northeastward to cross highway 129 north of Cleveland.