(Cleveland)- Even though they haven’t officially voted to set the county’s tax millage rate the White County Board of Commissioners have approved a consensus vote that they support a full rollback of the county’s portion of the county’s tax millage rate. 

The commissioners took that action Thursday during a called meeting, with included a report from Tax Assessors Board Chairman Roy Johnson and Chief Tax Appraisor Bryan Payne about the process of compiling this year’s tax digest.   

Because of a late tax digest and other factors, county staff has already sent out a notice to be published that indicated that the commissioners were going to reduce the millage rate three-quarters of a mill from 10.75 to 10 mills.

Commission Chairman Travis Turner said that action is being corrected, “ our county staff is in the process of retracting that announcement and will be reflecting us, as the board of commissioners taking the rollback which is 9.505 which would require only one public meeting or hearing, “ said Turner.    

It can be confusing but Turner said, “ most of our citizens should not see an increase in just the county portion of our tax bills.” 

The commissioners must wait until the White County Board of Education approves their millage rate before setting the county rate.  The BOE has indicated that too will take a full rollback of the millage rate. They are set to approve their millage rate Tuesday, August 23rd

The later than usual setting of the millage rate will mean that tax bills will be late appearing in property owners’ mailboxes, but still well ahead of the due date for those taxes to be paid. 

Below is the notice from 

The White County Board of Commissioners will hold a Called Meeting on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. in the Board Room at the Administration Building. The purpose of this meeting will be to set the 2022 millage rate.
The Board of Commissioners intend to set the 2022 millage rate at 9.505, which is the rollback rate, at the August 23, 2022, Called Meeting.
Please note – an ad labeled “Notice of Property Tax Increase” ran in the White County News on Thursday, August 4, 2022. This ad also listed a series of public hearings. This notice has been officially retracted and the hearings listed will not be held.
A 5-Year History ad also ran in the White County News on August 4, 2022 – following is the revised 5-Year  History which will be in the August 11, 2022 edition of the White County News.

For any questions related to the information in this notice, please contact the White County Administration
Office at 706-865-2235.