White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner speaking at the Annual Capitol Connection Conference in Atlanta- Photo Todd Edwards

(Cleveland)- Last week White County Commission Chairman Travis Turner had the opportunity to represent the county at the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia  Annual Capitol Connection Conference in Atlanta which is held during the Georgia General Assembly session.

Turner said, “ I had the opportunity to share with leaders throughout the state concerns that I have related to bills that had recently passed through crossover day.   Most of my concerns are those of the State passing bills that affect rural counties and not providing a funding mechanism other than counties having to utilize our own local general funds to pay for guidelines passed by the State.” 

According to Chairman Turner, an example is House Bill (HB) 462 which adjusts how the Sheriff’s Department houses juveniles and how we will have to transport them to regional youth detention centers.  The Georgia Sheriffs Association has taken a stance against the bill.

White County ( Travis Turner Chairman) and Lumpkin Co ( Lumpkin chair Chris Dockery and district 2 commissioner Bobby Mayfield) attend ACCG Legislative meeting in Atlanta with Senator Steve Gooch (51st -R) Photo Todd Edwards

“ I’m pleased to share that the ACCG policy committee has now taken a stance against the bill.  I hope the State can come up with a better bill that will help juveniles while not placing an unnecessary burden on local communities which are already having challenges in recruiting and retaining law enforcement officers,” said Turner.