Tom O’Bryant talks with Cleveland Council about new Land Use Map

(Cleveland)- Cleveland City officials got a chance to see a Future Land Use Map for the city Monday night as part of the efforts to update the zoning ordinances.

The city council held the first public hearing on updating the city’s comprehensive plan and during the meeting, Tom O’Bryant Economic Development and Planning Director displayed a draft map of the city with designated areas of planned use, such as business and industrial, residential, and historic.

The city’s planning and zoning board has been working on this map along with updating the zoning regulations. Updating the zoning regulations also requires that the city also has to update the future land use plans for the city.  

O’Bryant said the draft map would be available for the public to review and ask questions and make suggestions.  Citizens may review the map at city hall and officials will be posting it on the city’s website for the public to check out there as well. 

O’Bryant said the city is required to hold two public hearings on this issue he said the second public hearing will be April 10th.  Citizens will have an opportunity to make comments at that time as well.