Cleveland City Council -Photo Dean Dyer

(Cleveland)-The Cleveland City Council has approved an agreement whereby the city will purchase the water rights to a well that is currently being utilized to provide water to city customers.

The council Monday night, following an executive session, approved an agreement with Julia Ann Palmour to pay $350,000 for the water rights for a well located on Clint Street.

According to City Attorney Keith Whitaker, the 50 x 50-foot property was conveyed to the city by former City Council member John Palmour sometime back for the purpose of setting up the well, but the water rights were retained by the property owner. This new agreement secures the water rights and terminates the earlier agreement.

Cleveland Mayor Josh Turner said this is a good move for the city, “ We are continuing to always look at water resources for the city, it’s the lifeblood of any community and it’s something that we will have to continue to do to sustain growth and development and make sure we have water resources for our future generations,” commented Turner.

The funding for this purchase will come from the American Rescue Plan Act or ARPA funds.