(Cleveland)- The cost of services provided by the City of Cleveland could soon be going up. The city council held a public hearing Monday night that addressed the need for increased fees in  such areas as water, sewer, garbage pickup, building permits, and a host of other administrative fees.

During the first public hearing on the issue, City Administrator Kevin Harris told the council what we are looking at is a three-step increase over the next three years. Harris said they want to keep the increases low so it doesn’t impact the citizens all at once.

City Finance Director John Solmon detailed to the council each of the areas that will be affected. Solmon said in some areas the fees that the City of Cleveland is charging are the lowest of  most north Georgia municipalities.

An example of the increases is homeowner garbage fees which are proposed to increase by about two dollars each year for the next three years.

Cleveland Mayor Josh Turner said the fee increases will only impact those who use the services. “With inflation rising and the cost of doing business going up its important that the people who utilize these services are paying the user fees that cover the cost of doing business so we felt like it’s not right for the taxpayers to make up that gap,” said Cleveland Mayor Josh Turner.

Administrator Harris said they will address this issue again at the August 5 council meeting with possible adoption expected during the August 15 meeting.

A list of the proposed increases will be available at Cleveland City Hall or online at the city’s website www.cityofcleveland.org.

The public hearing on the fee increases was one of four different public hearings held by the council Monday night. The council also held a public hearing on placing a 6-month moratorium on approving any CBD stores and Vape shops.

City Administrator Kevin Harris said the current city code doesn’t have anything that addresses these businesses and they want to. ” take a time out” and look at what needs to be included in any city regulations for the businesses.

A public hearing was held on establishing a ten-dollar technology fee to be administered by the Cleveland Municipal Court. The added court fee must be approved by the general assembly before it can be implemented.

Another public hearing on these issues will be addressed at the August 5th  Cleveland City Council meeting.