White County School Finance Director Julie Dorsey shares Fy-22 budget information

(Cleveland)- The White County Board of Education got to see some figures for the upcoming FY-22 budget Thursday night during their regular meeting. 

School Financial Director Julie Dorsey presented figures from the General Fund budget that show just over $40-million dollars in revenue and expenses.

Dorsey told the board that they should see a 2-million dollar increase in revenue compared to fiscal year 2021. One of the big highlights of the proposed budget Dorsey told the board is a projected  9-point 2 million dollar fund balance. 

According to Board of Education Chair Missy Jarrard,  this a proud moment for the system, “ it started years ago, starting to put money back be very careful be very conservative with our spending and now we are seeing that, the good works are paying off, “ commented Jarrard.

Helping with the bottom line of the budget is an expected $200,000 increase in ad valorem taxes and continued government CARES funding.

But Jarrard recognized key staff that helps make it possible, “ just very, very thankful for Julie Dorsey our financial director who has really led us through this time and Dr. Burkett working so closely and making sure that we were going to be able to take care of our staff and our students, giving them everything they needed. I am very confident in saying that if there was a need our system provided it so I’m very proud of that,” said Jarrard. 

The board also approved the following personnel items during the meeting:

  • Retirement:

    • Mary Kliewer – WCHS Para eff EO SY21 (05/28/2021)

    • Annette Boswell – Family Connections

  • Resignation:

    • Donna Haynes – WCHS Teacher eff EO SY21 (06/02/2021)

    • Wade Mawdesley – WCHS Teacher eff EO SY21 (06/02/2021)

  • Transfer:

    • Stephan Gerrells – MCES AP to Alternative Ed Grad Coach/DDL Coordinator eff 07/01/2021

  • Appointment:

    • Dustin Hogan – WCHS Para eff 08/02/2021 (replacing Kayla Frederick – not filled SY21)

    • Anthony Jordan DeGraff -WCHS Teacher (SpEd) eff 08/02/2021 (replacing Carissa Dover)