99-year old Andy Negra of Sautee-Nachoochee

(Nashville)- Thursday night Sautee Nacoochee resident Andy Negra was presented with FOX Nation’s “Salute to Service Award” at its fifth annual Patriot Awards in Nashville, TN.

Presenting the award was Dennis Quaid award-winning actor and newly named FOX Nation host as well as Staff Sergeant Johnny Joey Jones, FOX News contributor.

In accepting the award, Negra said, “This is quite a thing. I was surprised to be selected for this particular job, but I represent all of the World War II veterans that are still alive. And for the other veterans out of the other wars, let me assure you, I represent you, too. That’s the Iraq and all the rest of ‘em.”

Jones asked Negra, “I would love to know where your mind and heart are right now with everything you see in this country.

Negra said,  Right? You want the truth? One word, it’s a mess. “I never thought that we fought so hard during World War II to find the country in a condition that it is today. But — but let me assure — let me assure all of you. Every time this country ever got into a problem, they solved it. So regardless what’s going on now, we will break this badness and get back to the good. I assure you.”

Did I answer your questions?

JONES: Yes, sir.

NEGRA: You got any other come on, Joe.

JONES: Ladies and gentlemen, Sergeant Andy Negra.

NEGRA: “Thank you all very, very much. I like to add, finish up by saying live, live the kind of life that I have. I enjoy every minute of the day.

My — people ask me, what do I contribute to my health? And I all tell ’em all the same thing. God only gave us one day at a time. He did not promise us tomorrow.

So, make the best of it. Take care of yourself. Have a positive attitude and proceed to enjoy every day that the Good Lord give you.”