(Cleveland)- The 16th  and 17th confirmed positive rabies cases have been reported in White County.

The first incident occurred last Wednesday. White County Environment Health Manager Sean Sullivan advised in an email that a dog and an individual had potential contact with a rabid skunk in the Grover Miles Road area of White County.

The skunk was shipped to the Georgia Public Health Lab – Virology Section in Decatur. White County Environmental Health was advised Friday, September 11, that the skunk tested positive for rabies.  

The second incident occurred in the Brookwood Village Drive area last Thursday,  a raccoon attacked a dog, the dog was then was let back into the house where it came in contact with two other dogs.

The Department of Natural Resources was notified, arrived, and killed the raccoon. The specimen was also shipped to the State lab.

The health department was notified that the raccoon was positive for rabies.

All the dogs had a history of rabies vaccination. Booster shots were given to all the dogs and they will be required to undergo a 45-day observational quarantine.   

Positive alert signs will be posted in the area where the two cases occurred. If you live in this area and have concerns about rabid animal exposure, please contact White County Environmental Health at 706-348-7698 during normal business hours.  Animal owners are encouraged to vaccinate their domesticated pets for rabies.