(Cleveland)- Here we go again, White County has its 13th confirmed rabies case of 2020. The incident occurred last Wednesday, July 15. White County Environmental Health Manager Sean Sullivan said the victim was walking her dog in the Hulsey Road area of White County when a fox appeared. The fox sniffed the dog, the owner hit the fox with the leash, and the fox jumped up and bit her.

The fox was killed and shipped to the Georgia Public Health Laboratory and the local health department was notified Friday that the fox was positive for rabies.

Sullivan said all persons involved were told to discuss the incident with their physician and follow his/her advice.  

Positive alert signs will be posted in the area where the rabid fox was located. If you live in this area and have concerns of rabid animal exposure, please contact White County Environmental Health at 706-348-7698 during normal business hours. 

Animal owners are encouraged to vaccinate their domesticated pets for rabies.