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Friday, May 24, 2019
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Up To Eight Inches Of Rain Expected During The Next Week


(Undated)- Meteorologists say North Georgians should brace for several days of wet weather that will dump as much as eight inches of rain in some places.

Georgia News Network meteorologist John Wetherbee said four separate events, starting  today (Friday)  will bring heavy rainfall at times.  “One tonight, then another Sunday into Sunday night, then the third would be Monday night into Tuesday, then the fourth would be Tuesday into Wednesday,” Wetherbee said. 

According to  Wetherbee said the mountain counties will see the heaviest rainfall, as much as six to eight inches before all is said and done. 

He said,   “Clearly the computer models are concerned that this is going to be a flood event sometime the middle of the week next week as this all adds up.”  





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