Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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Swap Shop

Swap Shop can be heard on AM-1350 Radio Monday – Saturday 8:45-9:00AM and 5:20PM.

Items can be emailed to [email protected]

Or use the form below:

The WRWH swap shop is a free service. Completely maintained at no charge to you. It is for personal items only. No businesses or professional services allowed.

Having the following information available before you start will help speed up the process. You should have the following to submit items:
– Phone Number (required)
– Item Name
– Item Description

– Price (optional)
– Availability (optional)

For Yard Sales, please provide:
– Day(s) of Yard Sale
– Hours of Sale
– Location of Sale

– List of primary items for sale and descriptive information

When you have the required information, proceed to the next screen.

To add an item, choose the "ADD" option on the main menu and follow the instructions.
When adding or changing an item, please keep your descriptions short and to the point. Provide relevant information only. This will allow are broadcasters to get more items in during the limited time available.

To Change an existing item, or other details (phone number, when to call, etc...), select the CHANGE option from the main menu,
Again, shot descriptions are helpful to allow others to have their items listed longer as well.

All the items on Swap Shop are announced on a "last in, first out" basis.
Meaning that the newest items are always the first to be heard. There is limited time available on-air, therefore your item may not be heard each time, or not at all. Two weeks is the average time an item remains on the swap shop for on-air broadcast. Longer for website listing.

If you have an item that has been on swap shop that you aren't hearing anymore, it has been pushed back in the list by newer incoming items.
If you would like to re-list your item to bring it back to the front again, select the "RE-List" option on the main menu.

If you no longer need the listing on swap shop (item was sold, no longer available, etc...) Select the "REMOVE" option from the main menu.

Please remember to submit a form for removing an item, or call the station directly (706-865-3181) so that we may keep our swap shop item list fresh and do not waste airtime advertising item that no longer are available.

Thank you!
— WRWH Swap Shop

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