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The network provides around-the-clock newscasts hourly and half-hourly. Depending on a station’s affiliation, they either receive a five-minute newscast or a one-minute newscast. Breaking news reports (dubbed ‘Fox News Alerts’), correspondent and expert interviews, special broadcasts marking historic or newsworthy events, anchored live coverage and clean feeds of news events complete the affiliate service package. Affiliates also have access to a web site with a constantly updating selection of newsmaker audio and correspondent reports.

The five minute audio version of the hourly newscast consists of two minutes of news, one minute of advertisements or Fox promotions and two more minutes of news. In February 2017 the audio version eliminated the commercial break at the two-minute mark, so that the newscast ran for only four minutes. The commercial minute was restored in May 2017, returning it to a five-minute newscast. It is available as a podcast. As of 2011, typically only one MP3 file, the most recent one, is available at any time. The Eastern Time hour number converted to 24-hour time is incorporated into the file name (for example, 5minpodcast21.mp3 for 9 PM). However, if there has been exceptional news (a ‘Fox News Alert’), the file for that hour’s podcast will be retained for a few hours. The current hour’s file is usually available within 10 minutes of its broadcast, i.e., by a quarter past the hour.

Newscasts are regularly anchored by Dave Anthony, Lisa Brady, Jane Metzler, Joe Chiaro, Lisa Lacerra, Chris Foster, Pam Puso, Rich Denison, Paul Stevens, Jack Callaghan, Kerin McCue, Pat O’Neill, Carmen Roberts, Lilian Woo, Steve Rappoport, and Chris DeMo. Correspondents include Gurnal Scott and Tonya J. Powers in New York; Jon Decker (White House), Jared Halpern (Capitol Hill) and Rachel Sutherland in Washington; in Los Angeles, Jessica Rosenthal and entertainment reporter Michelle Pollino. Jeff Monosso reports from Chicago. Eben Brown reports from Miami. Simon Owen and Kitty Logan in London, Jessica Golloher in Jerusalem, Courtney Walsh in Rome, and Alastair Wanklyn in Tokyo serve as foreign correspondents. Daily short commentaries are delivered by Todd Starnes.


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