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Thursday, February 20, 2020
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List Of Landmark Elevations In White County


By: Bill Kinsland

(Sautee)- Occasionally, National Weather Service forecasts and other statements will refer to a particular elevation, eg: “Snow may accumulate above elevations of 2,000 ft”. Most of White County’s land area is below 2000 ft elevation, except in the north end.

This table will give you an approximate idea of whether you are at or above a certain level.


(Elevations shown in feet above mean sea level)


-Helen City Hall——————— 1494 ft

-Hogpen Gap (GA Hwy 348)————- 3461 ft

-Leaf Grocery-(Hwy 115)————– 1400 ft

-Linda’s Convenience Store-(Hwy 129)- 1616 ft

-Loudsville Camp Ground (Hwy 75-Alt)- 1686 ft

-Lucille’s Mtn Top Inn & Spa———-1594 ft

-Mossy Creek Campground—————1450 ft

-Mount Yonah (summit)—————- 3166 ft

-Old Sautee Store (GA Hwy 17 & 255)—- 1346 ft

-Raven Cliffs Trailhead (GA Hwy 348)- 2010 ft

-Resurrection Episcopal Church——–1410 ft

-Sautee Weather Stn (Whippoorwill Ln–1591 ft

-Shoal Creek Baptist Church———- 1548 ft

-Smithgall Woods Visitor Center—— 1552 ft

-Tray Mountain (summit)————– 4430 ft

-Unicoi Gap (GA Hwy 75)————– 3010 ft

-Walmart (GA Hwy 129 )————— 1496 ft

-White County Emergency Mgt Agency— 1540 ft

-WRWH Radio 1350 (Hood St.,Cleveland) 1552 ft


Compiled by Bill Kinsland, Weather Reporter

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  1. Yonah Burger & Unicoi are the same elevation.

  2. Yonah Burger & Unicoi are the same elevation. I meant Unicoi gap.

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