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Monday, May 27, 2019
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Four Public Safety Workers Recognized for Acts Of Heroism


L-R: White County Public Safety Director David Murphy, Fire Chief Norman Alexander, Battalion Chief John Lumsden, Governor Nathan Deal, Deputy Mark Taylor, Deputy Daniel Amoling and Sheriff Neal Walden

(Cleveland)- Four White County Public Safety employees were recognized by Governor Nathan  Deal yesterday for Act of Heroism. Twelve outstanding public safety professionals were recognized for acts of heroism and two were commended for contributions to their profession in a ceremony held in Forsyth.

White County Fire Fighters Norman Alexander and John Lumsden and Sheriff Deputies Mark Taylor and Daniel Amoling were honored by the governor for helping save a woman’s life last May. On Thursday, May 31st of this year, Amanda Leblanc was driving her vehicle attempting to flee an area of the county that was experiencing flooding. Her vehicle was turned upside down and was forced down Dukes Creek. According to reports, she managed to exit the vehicle and clinging to life by hanging on a partially submerged tree.   In responding to this emergency call for help Deputies  Amoling and Taylor, Fire Chef Norman Alexander and Battalion Chief John Lumsden were able to rescue Leblanc saving her life in a very dire situation.

Governor Deal said, “These courageous individuals have demonstrated courageous commitment to help safeguard our communities and protect our families. I cannot thank them enough for their loyal and tireless service to our state.”

White County Sheriff Neal Walden was on hand for the recognition and afterward said,  ” this is an example of the dedication our public safety officers demonstrate in serving the citizens of White County. These four officers saved a life in May of this year, so it speaks very well of our staff we have in all our agencies in White County. “

White County Public Safety Director David Murphy echoed  Sheriff Walden’s praise for these public servants, ” This is the second time in three years that we have had a team of individuals that were recognized for heroic efforts for the county, that just says a lot about the county and the caliber of officials, public safety  officials and first responders that we have working for us in our community,” said Murphy. 

Leblanc stated without these brave men she would have surely perished and is forever grateful.

Jack Moody, Director, Habersham Emergency Medical Services was recognized for his contribution to his profession. 


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