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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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Commissioners To Seek State Assistance With Flood Damage


By Alyson Shields and Dean Dyer

Flooding along Carolina Springs Road 

(Cleveland)- The White County Board of Commissioners approved this week $201,000 to make needed repairs to county infrastructure after record flooding left damages all over the county.

The hardest hit area Carolina Springs Road will require over $77,000 in repair work. Commission Chairman Travis Turner said it’s something that you never can plan for.

“We experience such an inordinate amount of rain that it caused flooding we’ve not seen in generations,” Turner said. “You just don’t know how you can actually plan for something of that magnitude.”

The commissioners were amazed during Monday’s meeting, as they looked at full-page listing of roads that sustained some type of damage.

“We’re asking the state if they could possibly find an avenue to assist us,” said Turner. “If not, that 200 and something dollar figure I just alluded to will have to be paid out of our capital funds from our SPLOST.”

The storms also hit the downtown Helen area, with 15 inches of rain falling in a seven-day period. Pubic safety and public works officials were pushed to the limit  as they responded. Turner said they all did a great job, but road department crews needed a special thank you.

“These guys worked and they worked hard. They do this for the citizens of White County because that’s their heart and they love this community and I really appreciate the work that they do.”

Turner admitted the financial challenges brought on by this storm may impact the progress of other county road projects. 

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