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Monday, July 22, 2019
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Cleveland Council Take Cautious Approach To Movie Filming In The City


(Cleveland)- The City of Cleveland is taking a cautious approach to a request for a special events permit to film a couple of scenes for a movie in the city.  

Eric Hughes of Cleveland appeared before the council Monday to seek the approval for the activity. “  The movie is about a family that has endured domestic violence and how it affects domestic violence victims”,  said Hughes. 

The two locations he is seeking to do the work is on Hood Street and at Cleveland City Park.

The council had numerous question for Hughes, and  Police Chief John Foster told the council, “ I would hate to see Hood Street or  City Park, or any street in our town to be put in poor light by a movie.” 

Hughes told the council the independent film production will not make any attempt to identify where the scenes were shot.

After more discussion the council approved a motion by Councilwoman Annie Sutton that Hughes resubmit his application with more details about the filming and agree that the production company will pay  for an off duty officers help with traffic or crowd issues and if the mayor is okay with the application he may sign it.  

Councilwoman Sutton also suggested that they come up with a permitting application that addresses this  type of activity in the future.

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