2012 was a year of mysteries and surprises weatherwise in

White County. Reviewing highlights, the year started with a

remarkable swing in temperatures . On January 2nd, the

high temperature was 60 degrees. Two days later the high was

only 27 degrees.

By the middle of the month, the weather was so

mild that daffodils and other spring flowers were

already above ground with several blooms opening. Wild

temperature swings and other anomalies would

characterize the rest of the year's weather.


The yo-yo temperature patterns apparently took their toll

on local vineyard grapes. According to WRWH News, David

Harris of Blackstock Vineyards was quoted regarding

reasons for closing their business: " ..." In the end, we

have suffered from repeated crop losses due to the

exceptionally warm winters and the early bud-break dates.

This has resulted in normal frost dates having a devastating

effect to our crop..."


The most notable temperature event was the record-

breaking heat wave in June and July. Temperatures at all

three official stations broke all-time records.


Rainfall patterns were remarkably unusual as well.

Normally, Helen records the most annual rainfall

and WRWH Radio in Cleveland records the least. This

year saw dramatic reversals of this pattern. Rainfall totals

continued to diminish and by summer's end, White

County was again in a mild drought. As the rainfall deficit

grew, the county slipped into a severe drought by early

December. Ironically, December turned out to be the wettest

month of the year.

Temperatures were markedly extreme this year.

Yet when all the numbers were added and subtracted, the

overall average temperature for the year was exactly normal.

Our average high temperature was 67.7 degrees, which was 0.9

degrees below normal. The highest temperature recorded

was 102 degrees on June 30th and July 1st at Helen City

Hall, the highest temperature ever recorded in its 56-year

history. Also 102 degrees was recorded at WRWH Radio in

Cleveland on July 1st and 2nd, the highest in its 13-year

history of temperature records.


Sautee recorded 100 degrees on July 2nd, the highest

temperature ever at that station in its 15-year history.

Average low temperature was 46.2 degrees which was

0.9 degrees above normal. Lowest recorded temperature was

12 degrees, recorded at WRWH in Cleveland on January 4th and

February 13th.

Our last spring frost occurred on April 14th. The latest

spring frost on record was May 5th, 2011.Our first

autumn frost occurred November 2nd. Our earliest autumn

frost on record was October 14th, 2006.


Altogether, an average rainfall total of 56.52 inches,

was recorded, 11.36 inches below normal. Highest

24-hour rainfall was 6.38 inches on October 2nd at WRWH

Radio in Cleveland. The wettest month was December when an

average of 7.31 inches of rain fell, some 1.32 inches

above normal.


6 of the past 7 years have ended with rainfall deficits.

2009 was the exception with a 16-inch surplus. Even with the

2009 figures, White County is missing some 49 inches of

rainfall for the 7-year period.





Cleveland (WRWH Radio 1350)-----------59.89"

Helen City Hall-----------------------54.12"

Sautee Weather Station----------------55.54"

______ County Average for the Year---------- 56.52"

NORMAL ANNUAL RAINFALL--------------- 67.88"


DEPARTURE-------------------------- -11.36" (DEFICIT) _________________________________________________________

NOTES: A) The greatest 24-hr. rainfall was 6.38 inches

recorded on October 2nd at WRWH in Cleveland.

B) The wettest month was December when the county

received an average of 7.31 inches of rain

which was 1.04 inches above normal.

C) 2012 ended with a rainfall deficit for the third

consecutive year. All but 1 year since and

including 2006 have ended with a deficit. Due to

a short-lived El Nino event in September, 2009,

that year ended with a significant surplus.

D) Altogether for the entire 7-year period (2006

through 2012), there is an overall deficit of

some 49 inches. This includes the rainfall figures

for the 2009 "El Nino" year.



Cleveland (WRWH Radio 1350)

Average High Temperature-----------65.8 degrees

(Highest Temperature: 102 degrees on 7/1 and 7/2)

Average Low Temperature-----------46.1 degrees

(Lowest Temperature: 12 degrees on 1/4 and 2/13)

Helen City Hall

Average High Temperature-----------71.0 degrees

(Highest Temperature: 102 degrees on 6/30 and 7/1)

Average Low Temperature-----------46.8 degrees

(Lowest Temperature: 14 degrees on 1/5)

Sautee Weather Station

Average High Temperature-----------66.2 degrees

(Highest Temperature: 100 degrees on 7/2 )

Average Low Temperature-----------45.6 degrees

(Lowest Temperature: 14 degrees on 1/4 and 2/12)



Average 2012 High Temperature--------67.7 degrees Normal Annual High Temperature--------68.6 degrees


Departure---------------------------- -0.9 degrees

Average 2012 Low Temperature---------46.2 degrees Normal Annual Low Temperature---------45.3 degrees


Departure----------------------------- +0.9 degrees

NOTES: A) Last Freezing Temp Date of Spring: April 14th.

B) First Freezing Temp Date of Fall:November 2nd.